Student Pharmacist Testimonials

AMCP Student Pharmacist members answer questions about the benefits of joining AMCP as a student member and continuing that membership post-graduation: 

  • "The best decision I ever made was to be an active member of the Academy. AMCP has granted me countless opportunities to make meaningful connections with past, present, and future pharmacy leaders. As we bear witness to the radical changes of the US healthcare system, AMCP is the trusted source I look towards to stay abreast new information, trends, and health policy. I have not seen another national organization engage student pharmacists to the degree that AMCP has through its unique P&T competition, premier summer internship programs, and more. No matter what career path you are considering, there is something for you at AMCP." - Kun Yang, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, Class of 2015 

  • “Becoming a member of the Academy has proven to be one of the most rewarding decisions of my pharmacy career. AMCP has provided me with a more complete view of our healthcare system; where it’s been, where it is and where it’s going.  Through this, I have been able to make informed decisions on where I feel I can make the most impact with my pharmacy degree. AMCP has been a great source for up-to-date information, internship opportunities and networking within all aspects of the pharmacy profession. I encourage all students to explore the benefits of becoming a member of AMCP.” –Nisreen Shamseddine, Mercer University College of Pharmacy, Class of 2016 

  • "Having been involved with AMCP ever since 1st year of pharmacy school, I have been exposed to a variety of career pathways within the profession of pharmacy, from MTM and Medicare Part D to speciality pharmacy and pharmacoeconomics. I had the opportunity to learn more about what Medicare Part D entails and the value of pharmacists-provided MTM services in public health. The National P&T Competition offers an invaluable opportunity for student pharmacists to gain critical thinking skills, analytical skills and clinical knowledge early on. You don't want to miss the P&T Competition opportunity! The AMCP Annual Meetings and Education Conference provide numerous opportunities for student pharmacists to explore the field of managed care pharmacy and meet professionals working in various managed care settings. I have grown so much professionally through my involvement with AMCP. I highly recommend student pharmacists to take full advantage of what AMCP offers and get the most out of this experience." - Ying Long, University of Southern California, Class of 2016 

  • “I joined AMCP because I wanted to learn about opportunities in pharmacy outside of retail and hospital practice. I have since found that managed care is a very important, dynamic, and diverse area of pharmacy. I value my AMCP membership because AMCP does an excellent job providing educational materials on managed care, specialty pharmacy, and current events in healthcare. My involvement in AMCP has also allowed me to network locally and nationally, and to further my professional development and leadership skills. Mostly I am thankful to AMCP for enhancing my pharmacy education and making me well-informed about exciting career paths in managed care!” – Alexandra Markus, University at Buffalo – SUNY, Class of 2016 

  • "Membership in AMCP opens up an incredible vault of information that is indispensable to student pharmacists. Regular AMCP publications and email subscriptions keeps me updated about the trends in managed care pharmacy and the issues that affect the professional practice. Membership also provides countless opportunities to network with other student pharmacists and leaders in the healthcare industry. Attending an AMCP meeting leaves me re-energized about the profession and inspires me to continue to try to make a difference in patient lives." – Isaac Tse, University of Minnesota, Class of 2015 

  • "AMCP membership has felt like a professional family since my first involvement.  The people I have met through this organization have opened doors, taught me valuable career lessons, and furthered my belief in the value that the pharmacy profession provides to our healthcare system. Healthcare is a rapidly evolving industry, and I am honored to be a part an innovative organization that strives every day to lead it forward." – Geoff Fenich, Mercer University, Class of 2015 

  • “AMCP has given me the opportunity to network with professionals who have become my mentors and source of inspiration. As a future pharmacist I have learned I have many opportunities to collaborate my clinical knowledge with my business skills through managed care.  “ – Aneeka Irshad, Western University of Health Sciences, Class of 2016 

  • "Being a member of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) provides me with various opportunities for professional and personal growth. As an essential pharmacy organization for developing and providing clinical, education and business management service, AMCP is devoted to accomplishing a simple goal which is providing the best available pharmaceutical care for all patients. AMCP provides students with endless resources for networking and continuing education beyond what pharmacy school gives us." – Stefan Varga, College of Notre Dame of Maryland, Class of 2015 

  • “I love AMCP because it has given me the opportunity to be ME and provide care outside the traditional roles of pharmacy.  I've had the opportunity to complete a managed care internship which I absolutely loved.  My preceptor was AMAZING, and most importantly she served as a member of the AMCP Board of Directors.  Her passion for the organization sparked my interest in becoming more involved not only on a local level but also nationally as well.  When it comes to AMCP events, meetings, and competitions, there has never been one dull moment. The exhilarating energy amongst those involved in the organization is so contagious.  The roles of pharmacists in managed care are ever-growing and are far beyond the scope of what I initially imagined when joining AMCP.” – Briana Hicks, University of Pittsburgh, Class of 2015 

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