AMCP - AMCP Foundation Award Winners

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy:

Distinguished Service Award   

2017   Tim Antonelli
2016   Jim Carlson
2015   David Calabrese
2014   Marty Mattei
2013   Shawn Burke
2012   Brian Kolling
2011   Cathy Carroll
2010   Kim Caldwell
2009   Arthur M. Zoloth
2008   Elaine Manieri
2007   Rusty Hailey
2006   C.E. (Gene) Reeder
2005   Cynthia J. Pigg
2004   John D. Jones
2003   Dianne A. Kane Parker
2002   Carey C. Cotterell
2001   Lowell T. Sterler
1998   Perry Cohen
1997   Jay Messeroff
1996   Michael Dillon
1995   Pete Penna
1994   Suzanne Blacbkurn

Fellows of the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (FAMCP) 

2017   Peter Lee
    Vinson C. Lee
2016   Douglas Burgoyne
    Patrick Gleason
    Laurie Wesolowicz
2015   Mitzi Wasik
2014   Steven G. Avey
    Diana I. Brixner
    Babette S. Edgar
    William K. Fleming
    Matthew P. Mitchell
2013   Daniel C. Malone
2010   Richard A. Zabinski
2009   Dianne A. Kane Parker
2008   Cynthia J. Pigg
    H. Eric Cannon
2007   Rusty Hailey
    C.E. (Gene) Reeder
2006   Bruce B. Fallik
2005   Shawn Burke
2004   Jean Brown
    Kjel A. Johnson
    John D. Jones
    Jay M. Messeroff
2003   Diane Giaquinta
    Darlene Mednick
    Ken Schafermeyer
    Lowell T. Sterler
2002   Perry Cohen
    Carey Cotterell
    Michael Dillon
    Craig Stern

Grassroots Advocacy Award   

2017   Brian Lehman
2016   Kenneth J. Bykowski
2015   Kathryn L. Jonsrud
2014   Marshal Abdullah
    Caroline Atwood
2013   Tim Antonelli
2012   Tom Bizzaro
2009   Arthur Zoloth
2008   Ed Weisbart
2007   Shobhna Butler

Individual Contribution Award 

2017   Katherine Wolf Khachatourian
2016   Elizabeth Brusig
2015   Glenn Yokoyama
2014   John Strezewski
2013   Michele Kaufman
2012   James Carlson
2010   Kimberly Vernacchio
2009   Pattie Gasdek Manolakis
2008   Ed Weisbart
2007   Jack Salmon

JMCP Award for Excellence 

2017   Patterns of Adherence to Oral Atypical Antipsychotics Among Patients Diagnosed with Schizophrenia Authors: Joanna P. MacEwan, PhD , Jason Shafrin, PhD, Ainslie Hatch, PhD, Darius N. Lakdawalla, PhD, Jean-Pierre Lindenmayer, MD.
2016   Improving the Efficiency and Quality of the Value Assessment Process for Companion Diagnostic Tests: The Companion Test Assessment Tool (CAT) Authors: William J. Canestaro, Louis P. Garrison, David L. Veenstra, Daryl E. Pritchard, Robert Dubois.
2015   Is There an Association Between the High-Risk Medication Star Ratings and Member Experience CMS Star Ratings Measure? Authors: Sara Carruth Erickson, R. Scott Leslie, Bimal V. Patel.
2014   The Effect of Hepatitis C Treatment Response on Medical Costs:  A Longitudinal Analysis in an Integrated Care Setting. Authors: M. Michele Manos, Jeanne Darbinian, Jamie Rubin, G. Thomas Ray, Valentina Shvackhko, Baris Denis, Fulton Velez, Charles Queensberry.
2013   Evaluation of a program to improve diabetes care through intensified care management activities and diabetes medication copayment reduction. Authors: Stephen J. Kogut, Brian J. Quilliam, Scott Johnson, Tara Higgens.
2012   Discontinuation Rates and Health Care Costs in Adult Patients Starting Generic verus Brand SSRI or SNRI Antidepressants in Commercial Health Plans. Authors: Anna Vlahiotis, Scott Devine, Jeff Eichholz, Adam Kautzner.
2010   Addition of Generic Medication Vouchers to a Pharmacist Academic Detailing Program: Effects on the Generic Dispensing Ratio in a Physician-Hospital Organization. Authors: Vinay Bhargava, Mark E. Greg, Mark C. Shields.
2009   Association of Prescription Abandonment with Cost Share for High-Cost Specialty Pharmacy. Authors: Patrick P. Gleason, Catherine I. Starner, Brent Gundeson, and Jeremy Schafer.
2008   Rosiglitazone and Piolitazone Utilization from January 2007 through May 2009 Associated with Five Risk-Warning Events. Authors: Catherine I. Starner, Jeremy A. Schafer, and Patrick P. Gleason and Alan Heaton.
2007   Comparison of Mail-Order with Community Pharmacy in Plan Sponsor Cost and Member Cost in Two Large Pharmacy Benefit Plans. Authors: Michael Johnsrud, Kenneth A. Lawson, and Marvin D. Shepherd.
2006   Analysis of the Effectiveness and Cost Benefit of Leukotriene Modifiers in Adults with Asthma in the Ohio Medicaid Population. Authors: Pamela Heaton, Jeff J. Guo, Richard W. Hornung, Joseph A. Johnston, Raymon Jang, Charles J. Moomaw, and Robert Cluxton all, except Johnston, are with University of Cincinnati. Johnston was with the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.
2005   Product-Line Extensions and Pricing Strategies of Brand-Name Drugs Facing Patent Expiration. Authors: Son Hee Hong, Marvin D. Shepherd, David Scoones, and Thomas T.H. Wan.
2004   Randomized Controlled Trial of a Dose Consolidation Program. Authors: Thomas Delate, Kathleen A. Fairman, Shell Carey, and Brenda Motherall.
2003   Do Decision-Analytic Models Identify Cost-Effective Treatments? A Retrospective Look at Helicobacter Pylori Eradication. Authors: Kathleen A. Fariman and Brenda Motheral.
2002   Effects of a Tablet-Splitting Program in Patients Taking HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors: Analysis of Clinical Effects, Patient Satisfaction, Compliance and Cost Avoidance. Authors: Michael Gee, Noelle K. Hasson, Terri Jahn, and Russell Ryono.

Preceptor Award  

2017   Debbie Meyer
2016   Katie Neff-Golub

New Practitioner Award  

2017   Ashley Coleman
2016   Abigail Stoddard

Spirit of Volunteerism Award  

2017   Lily Lee
2016   Sherry Andes
2015   Peter M. Penna
2014   Patrick Gleason
2013   Ronnie DePue
2012   Kathleen Moreo
2010   Ken Schaecher
2009   Peter J. Lee
2008   Debora Schering Sternaman
2007   Tim Sawyers
2006   Lee R. Marks
2005   John D. Jones
2004   Marv Shephard
2003   Anna Theodouou
2002   Darlene Mednick
2001   Craig T. Stern
1998   Craig T. Stern
1997   Suzanne Rivkin
1996   Louise J. Sargent
1994   Albert Fauss

AMCP Foundation:

Steven G. Avey Award (formerly the Foundation Award for Achievement)  

2017   John Hopkins, RPh
2016   Anthony P. Morreale
2015   Albert L. Carver
2014   Sean D. Sullivan
2013   Lowell T. Sterler
2012   John Jones
2011   C.E. (Gene) Reeder, PhD
2010   Norrie Thomas, MS, PhD, RPh
2009   Robert Navarro, PharmD
2008   David Eddy, MD, PhD
2007   Darlene M. Mednick, PhD, PAHM, RPh
2006   Pete Penna, PharmD
2005   Charles D. Pulido
2004   John E. Ogden
2003   Frederick Klein, BSPharm
2002   Peter Solyom
2001   Phil Nudelman

Best Poster for Graduate Students Category  

2017   Sanket Shah
2016   Nathan Pauly

Best Poster for Residents/Fellows Category  

2017   Kameron Kelly
2016   Mi Jung Lim
2015   Shivali Shah
2014   Logan Brinn
2013   Vickie Pon
2012   Kalee Foreman
2011   Maureen Bieltz
2010   Lillian Ndehi
2009   Jessica Huang
2008   Cindy Hanh Tran
2007   Aman Deep Kaur
2006   Tonya M. Martin

Best Poster for Student Pharmacist Category  

2017   Arianna Kee
2016   Leann C. McDowell
2015   Aashish Surti
2014   Carolyn Corn
2013   Jeffry Consaul
2012   Meghan E. Frear
2011   Kai Young
2010   Kellie Dudash
2009   Barbara Roper
2008   Sherry Maher
2007   Jeff Hiether
2006   Robert Wittenberg
2005   Harsha Mistry
2004   Devi Thaker
2002   Lida Andrews
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