6705 Camille Ave
OKC, OK 73149 
Peter Lee, PharmD, MBA CCHP
VP of Clinical Pharmacy
The Preceptor is licensed in Oklahoma, Texas, and California.
Description of the Activities in which the Student Pharmacist will be Involved 
1. Explain the significance of managed care pharmacy in the US health care system.
2. Understand the economic considerations impacting the practice of pharmacy.
3. Articulate the role of a managed care pharmacist within a health plan, pharmaceutical company, and pharmacy benefit management company.
4. Participate in the ongoing process of evaluation and revision of the formulary through clinical review of new drugs and therapeutic drug classes, data analysis, pharmacoeconomic review, benefit design impact and disease management impact.
5. Describe the function of a Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee.
6. Present a managed care focused journal club article to the health services team.
7. Formulate a medication use evaluation that can be used to identify an inappropriate prescribing pattern amongst a managed care population.
8. Understand reimbursement and pricing strategies.
9. Perform comprehensive medication reviews and develop a patient-centered care plan and follow up plan.
APPE Length 
Flexible. There may be a possibility to provide flexibility in how the rotation is structured for those in a non-traditional PharmD program.
APPE Schedule 
All year long
Tour of facility, meet key pharmacist, introduction to managed care pharmacy and career pathing discussion.
IPPE Schedule 
Once a week
Site Capacity 
State and School/College Preference 
Site can accommodate student pharmacists from the University of Oklahoma and Southwest Oklahoma State University.
Site does not provide housing or housing assistance.
Student Pharmacist Prerequisites Prior to the Rotation Start 
Affiliation Agreement Required by Site 
Site requires that the school/college sign an affiliation agreement.



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