Payer Sciences

217 Halls Mill Rd.
Lebanon, NJ 08833  

Eric Jen
The Preceptor is licensed in New Jersey.
Description of the Activities in which the Student Pharmacist will be Involved 

Goal: Gain a working knowledge of the development of managed care marketing in support of pharmaceutical companies. 

Learning Objectives: Upon completing this clerkship, students should be able to: 

  1. Improve literature and internet searching skills by conducting literature searches to support key evidence in developing managed care messaging. 
  2. Improve skills in reviewing published literature articles and identify appropriate references for message development. 
  3. Understand the intricacies of the United States managed care system and how pharmaceutical companies use this system to create access to their products
  4. Become familiar with basic market research study designs, terms, objectives and how it supports development of managed market strategies 
  5. Gain exposure to career opportunities available to pharmacists in the managed markets industry. 

APPE Length 

The experience is structured as a 5 week rotation, depending on the program. 

APPE Schedule 
Site can accept student pharmacists at any time of the year.
Site does not offer an IPPE. 
Site Capacity 
Site can accommodate one (1) student pharmacists per rotation block. 
State and School/College Preference 

Site can accept student pharmacists from any school and/or state. 

Site does not provide housing or housing assistance. 

Student Pharmacist Prerequisites Prior to the Rotation Start 

Site does not have prerequisites. 
Affiliation Agreement Required by Site 
Site requires the school to sign an affiliation agreement.


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