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    AMCP's Student Pharmacists Center

    DeVita PhotoOn behalf of the Academy of Managed Cared Pharmacy and the AMCP Student Pharmacist Committee, I would like to welcome you to the AMCP’s Student Pharmacist Center!

    Here at the AMCP’s Student Pharmacist Center, you will be able to find invaluable resources that you as an AMCP Member can take advantage of. These resources include information on experiential learning, internships, fellowship and residency opportunities all within managed care pharmacy. You can also find information on how to activate student pharmacist chapters, or discover new resources to improve an existing student chapter. AMCP student pharmacists have access to a variety of presentations, publications, and project toolkits regarding chapter operations such as the P&T competition, networking events, and fundraising ideas! Please take some time to review these resources that you as a student can take advantage of, as well as potentially applying them to your chapter, chapter leaders and chapter development.

    When I joined my local student chapter of AMCP as a first-year pharmacy student, I had no idea that I was making a decision that would heavily and positively impact the future of my career as a student. The individuals that I have met through AMCP have opened my eyes to what managed care pharmacy can offer our patients and fellow pharmacists and has shaped who I have become as a student to this day.

    Your involvement with AMCP demonstrates the initiative you have as a student to stay current and at the forefront of our ever-changing healthcare industry. It is my hope that you continue to maintain that initiative throughout the remainder of pharmacy school and into your career as a pharmacist, and that AMCP can continue to aid you in that journey.

    With that, I welcome you to the Student Pharmacist Center and wish you luck and success in all that you pursue!

    Alexa DeVita
    Drake University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
    PharmD/MBA Candidate 2018
    Student Pharmacist Committee Chair, 2017-2018

    Questions or have suggestions on how to improve the Student Pharmacist Center?
    Contact the Student Development team.

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