Prime Therapeutics (Corporate Office)

1305 Corporate Center Drive
Eagan, MN 55121 

Location of Rotation 
8400 Normandale Lake Blvd., Suite 500-800 & 1000-1100
Bloomington, MN 55437
April Kunze, PharmD
Sr. Director, Clinical Formulary Development & Trend Management Strategy
Co-Director, Residency Program
Prime Therapeutics
The Preceptor is licensed in Minnesota.
Description of the Activities in which the Student Pharmacist will be Involved 
The student pharmacist will be asked to research and answer drug information questions that arise during the clinical review process and identify appropriate references. Student pharmacists may be asked to develop presentations for both members and clinicians or other drug information collateral for internal or external use.  They will gain an understanding of utilization management programs and the process for program and formulary approval. Student pharmacists will learn about the various accreditation standards and organizations and also about the FDA’s drug approval process through the research of pipeline products. Lastly, they will gain an understanding of drug trend forecasting and management.  
APPE Length 

The experience is scheduled as a 5-week rotation.  There may be a possibility to provide flexibility in how the rotation is structured for those in a non-traditional PharmD program. 

APPE Schedule 
Site can accommodate student pharmacists at any time of the year. 

Site does not offer an IPPE. 

Site Capacity 
Site can accommodate one (1) student pharmacists per rotation block. 
State and School/College Preference 
Site is currently affiliated with the University of Minnesota. 
Site does not provide housing or housing assistance. 

Student Pharmacist Prerequisites Prior to the Rotation Start 

Student pharmacists will be required to have HIPPA training and possible undergo a background check if not completed by the college of pharmacy. 
Affiliation Agreement Required by Site 
Site does require the school to sign an affiliation agreement. 


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