Massachusetts General Hospital

Performance Analysis and Improvement Unit
125 Nashua Street, 7th floor
Boston, MA 02114


Greg Low, BSPharm, PhD
Program Director, MGPO Pharmacy Quality & Utilization Program
The Preceptor is licensed in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Description of the Activities in which the Student Pharmacist will be Involved 

At the end of this rotation, student pharmacists will be able to:

  • Define medical management and explain the development pay for performance programs -Identify ethical concerns of pay for performance agreements.
  • Describe pharmacy utilization measures of quality and efficiency -Evaluate opportunities and limits of medical management initiatives.
  • Research, write, and present an academic detailing initiative to medical practices.  

Projects and/or required activities include:

  • Student pharmacists will generate a list of potential medical management interventions through brainstorming, and literature review.
  • Student pharmacists will evaluate their list of interventions for clinical appropriateness, consistency with ethical principles, applicability to the managed patient population, and the effort's feasibility.
  • Student pharmacists will develop, write, and present an educational program to address the opportunity. 
APPE Length 

The experience is structured as a 6-week rotation.  There may be a possibility for the experience flexibility to accommodate those in a non-traditional PharmD program. 

APPE Schedule 

Site can accommodate student pharmacists at any time of the year. 


Site does not offer an IPPE. 

Site Capacity 
Site can accommodate one (1) student pharmacist per rotation block. 
State and School/College Preference 
Site can accept student pharmacists from any school and/or state. 
Site does not provide housing or housing assistance. 

Student Pharmacist Prerequisites Prior to the Rotation Start 

Site requires that the student pharmacist provide Immunization records on first day of rotation (annual PPD and Varicella titer, Measles, Mumps, & Rubella vaccination).  A CORI form is required.  Occupational Health Appointment within two weeks of start.  A valid government issued photographic ID is required. 
Affiliation Agreement Required by Site 
Site requires the school/college to sign an affiliation agreement, please contact Preceptor.  


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