Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

11511 Shadow Creek Parkway
Pearland, TX 77584 

Denise Jonathan, PharmD, RPh
Director of Pharmacy - Health Plan Services
The Preceptor is licensed in Texas.
Description of the Activities in which the Student Pharmacist will be Involved 
Student pharmacists will develop skills to deliver pharmaceutical care utilizing three practice models: 1) individual patient care in which they will communicates findings and recommendations to those health care providers who provide care directly to the member; 2) care provided to targeted groups of members in which the pharmacist designs, conducts, monitors and evaluates the outcomes of organized and structured programs; and 3) population care management in which they will conduct medication-use assessments. They will gain skills by providing pharmaceutical care through a comprehensive MTM Program. They will also gain experience in the areas of: benefit plan design, formulary, patient and physician education programs and quality improvement projects.
APPE Length 
6-week rotation. There may be a possibility for flexibility for those in a non-traditional PharmD program. 
APPE Schedule 
Site can accommodate student pharmacists at anytime during the year. 
Site does not offer an IPPE. 
Site Capacity 
Site can accommodate three (3) student pharmacists per rotation block. 
State and School/College Preference 
No preference
Site does not provide housing or housing assistance. 
Student Pharmacist Prerequisites Prior to the Rotation Start  
Site requires that the student pharmacist provide immunization records, have a Hep B series, TB screening and background check. All paperwork must be submitted 4 weeks prior 
Affiliation Agreement Required by Site 
Site requires that the school/college sign an affiliation agreement.  Contact Preceptor at


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